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CSCTFL Grant Award Guidelines

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  1. Promote and publicize grant opportunities
    A. Evaluation Form
    B. Sample Grants
  2. Solicit grant proposals
  3. Create criteria and evaluate applications
  4. Award grant monies
  5. Report on projects

CSCTFL is not accepting grant applications at this time.


Grant applications are reviewed one time a year. The deadline for proposal submission is JANUARY 15. Grant recipients will be notified by March 30. Projects funded by CSC must be completed within 18 months of the award.


Projects funded through the CSCTFL Grants Program will be accepted from individuals or organization and MUST be sponsored by a CSCTFL Advisory Council member.


Projects funded through the CSCTFL Grants Program must directly benefit the CSCTFL constituency. Priority will be given to requests that clearly demonstrate an ability to reach the greatest number of teachers and pre-service teachers. Priority will be given to grants that have strong built-in extension or multiplier components.


Grant projects may include but are not limited to:

  • Professional development grants designed to improve the teaching and learning of world languages, including retreats, regional programs or special events
  • Support for special programs that strengthen the local and state organization and allow organizations to contact or offer increased and special services to its members
  • Funding for research on topics of general interest with wide applicability to teachers at all levels

Grant money cannot be used to support an individual or group's travel to target cultures, to fund school field trips or club activities, to subsidize the purchase of computer equipment or other hardware, or to cover the cost of food and beverage items.


Awardees will receive half of the requested funding upon approval of the project. The remainder will be forwarded upon receipt of a final report providing verification that the project was completed.


Applications must address the following:

  1. Need or problem to be addressed
  2. Goals of the project
  3. Target audience
  4. Benefits to participants
  5. Evaluation Plan, including expected impact of the project on those directly involved (evaluation of grant activities by participants must be submitted as part of the final report)
  6. Dissemination Plan, including expected impact on those not directly involved and multiplier effect (evaluation of outreach activities by participants must be submitted as part of the final report)
  7. Plan for continuing the project at the end of the grant period
  8. Budget detail, including financial support from other agencies, in kind support, and donations





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